Support Circle "Ho'oponopono" with Shola
July 1st 2:30pm-5:00pm
Hawaiian Sanctuary 
There is no cost for this event.
Create a sacred and safe space to heal and find support in a time of great losses.
The human experience can take negative energy and turn it into positive forms we can embrace the paradox, and change the current of chaos.
is an ancient technique from Huna Hawaiian culture that is used to balance, bring harmony into our lives. It is a forgiving technique that allows us to let go. 
The words Ho'oponopono mean "putting things back to the right place."
The Ho'oponopono brings us back to the void, empty that fills everything, whole, in infinite love...prevails all traumas.
The event you attend will offer you the opportunity to:
- create a sacred and safe space to heal and find support in a time of great losses.
- let go of pain, shame guilty of guilt to claim the ability and clear intention, and total presence.
- heal, let go, forgive yourself and others. 
- transform negative energies regarding people, places, old memories into new, healthy, and positive opportunities.
claim your innate personal power.

Come to heal with your open heart.

inquire with Shola call 808 3653916 or or visit
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Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center

The Kapoho Bay grieving and rebirthing circle; healing the lava invasion post-traumatic-stress-syndrome.

Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:30PM.  
Aloha Wellness Center 
239 Haili Street Hilo

A sharing group: 
Our love for Kapoho, our past visions that attracted us there, our visions for rebuilding our future. Together, talking, crying, shouting, singing, dancing we can achieve acceptance of the events that destroyed our lives and turn them around into a creative positive future.

Anyone welcome, $5 donation for the community room


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